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You Are Being Monitored

You Are Being Monitored: "

Photo: Justin D M

Flickr user Justin Mando found this sign along Electric Avenue in the Museum Quarter of Vienna, Austria. Seems like Big Brother there has a great sense of humor!


New Messenger Has Same Old, Gaping Privacy Holes

New Messenger Has Same Old, Gaping Privacy Holes: "An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft released the beta of the new 'Wave 4' Windows Live Essentials last week. The new beta of Windows Live Messenger 2011, while plugging some privacy holes and shoring up the user interface, fails to tackle the one biggest privacy-buster of all. Say you use Messenger to IM your wife. You also use Messenger to IM your old girlfriend. The next time your wife logs on to her Hotmail account — not Messenger, Hotmail — she will see that you and your old girlfriend 'are now friends.' It all happens without your knowledge or permission, and it happens even if you tell Messenger you want your personal information to be 'Private.'"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


Full Circle #38 – out NOW!

Full Circle #38 – out NOW!: "

Full Circle Magazine – Issue #38: Full Circle – the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our thirty-eighth issue.

This month:

* Command and Conquer.

* How-To : Program in Python – Part 12, NEW SERIES: Virtualization, and

Browser Blogging.

* Review – Ubuntu 10.04.

* Top 5 – Favourite Applications.

plus: MOTU Interview, Ubuntu Games, My Opinion, My Story, and all the

usual goodness!

Get it while it’s hot!



Editor, FCM

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Optimize Ubuntu Performance Improve Ubuntu Boot Speed

Optimize Ubuntu Performance Improve Ubuntu Boot Speed: "

Why need to optimize ubuntu performance improve ubuntu boot speed? Ubuntu10.04 boot time is only 25-30 seconds after a new installation, but the boot time rose to around 1m20s after used a period of time. More here


How to change your GRUB loader view using BURG

How to change your GRUB loader view using BURG: "


Tired with your ordinary GRUB loader?

grub loader linux ubuntu lucid linx

Read the rest of How to change your GRUB loader view using BURG (201 words)

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Is Calibre the 'VLC' of eBook reader software?

Is Calibre the 'VLC' of eBook reader software?: "

Selection_004Whilst reading eBooks on dedicated hardware devices has become the trend of late there are many people who still read eBooks on their computers via the use of eBook reader software.

eBooks have been knocking around for a lot longer than the Kindle has been in existence. It’s partly due to this longevity of eBooks that has resulted a stodgy mish-mash of competing eBook formats and, thusly, ebook readers. In fact there are almost as many eBook readers (software) as there are eBook formats!

Seeking out the best

Bilal Sana, a Doctor and an Ubuntu enthusiast, contacted us recently to express his disappointment at the lack of a wholly comprehensive eBook reader application. Having downloaded some eBooks to view on his Computer - one in .chm format and the other in .pdb - he soon found that whilst one app would open one it wouldn’t open the other - and vice versa.

“The wine based chm viewer was not good enough and the books were all broken. I went to synaptic, searched for chm and found 'chmsee' which is good enough. For .pdb i had to google and found 'isilo' and installed it via wine.”

The proprietary nature of some formats coupled with DRM or unfamiliarity with certain eBook formats on the part of an applications’ developer has lead to this oft frustrating situation; it seems there is no one catch-all solution - or is there?


Calibre is feature-packed e-book reader, manager & more with a swish Cover Flow-like browser and the ability to sync books with actual hardware devices, share your books online and even convert web feeds into perfectly formatted eBooks - all at the punch of a button.

Better yet Calibre cis able to display pretty much any eBook format you throw at it as well allow for quick conversion between formats - more than earth for even the nerdiest eBookworms to burrow in.


What else can Calibre do?

  • Supports table of Contents, bookmarks & CSS,
  • Reference mode
  • Adjustable font sizes, etc
  • Printing
  • Searching
  • Copying/Highlighting
  • Customizing the rendering via a user style sheet
  • Supports embedded fonts
  • Remembers last position in book

But the real jewel in Calibres already-studded crown is undoubtedly the ability to fetch content from RSS feeds and online sources and turn it into a well formatted eBook, replete with full posts, hyperlinks, images and contents.

To better aid users in this Calibre ships with a large collection of predefined feeds to choose from, called ‘recipes’, that fetch content from many popular sources, such as CNN, Ars Technica & a gaggle of other well known weblogs and publications and convert them into eBooks for you. These eBooks can then be ‘synced’ with any hardware devices you may have or read in Calibre itself.

All in all, Calibre is literally the kingpin of eBook managers/readers. Not only does it provide users with a one-stop solution to their eBook needs, such as managing, tagging, sorting, converting and even sharing, it does so with ease in a well though-out interface.

Install Calibre on Ubuntu

Calibre do not provide distribution-specific packages. Instead you need only run the following command in a terminal to install it:-

sudo python -c "import urllib2; exec urllib2.urlopen('<a href="').read();">').read();</a> main()"

Going Further

Obviously Calibre is one of many eBook readers (as noted at the beginning of the post) but it is the one with the most comprehensive format support & feature set.

But what could make an eBook reader even better?

Anyone who has ever needed to study content from a book for an exam or course will see the need to make notes, highlight things and generally scrawl all over the text. With an eBook you can’t do this - even the latest eBook Hardware doesn’t contain support for this.

I’ll finish up with the last ideal Bilal offered up: -

“I can use it to read my books and make notes on the go, underline/highlight stuff and do all kinds of activity. Plus it should be touchscreen compatible, so that i can make notes with a stylus in my own hand writing like i do on real books. It should support notes, post-it notes etc. the ideas are unlimited - trust me, it would be a students dream come true!”

Screenshot courtesy of the ace Xfact

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Lombard & Fillmore; 2 new video & audio editing apps released

Lombard & Fillmore; 2 new video & audio editing apps released: "

The company behind Ubuntu 10.10’s default photo management application ‘Shotwell’ have today announced the immediate availability of two new multimedia applications: a video editor and an audio editor.

From Yorba themselves: -

Fillmore is an open-source multi-track audio editor for Gnome, based upon GStreamer and written in Vala. You can record one mono track at a time. You can create multiple tracks and sequence your audio to create songs, podcasts, stories. You can export your project to an Ogg-Vorbis file. Fillmore

Lombard is an open-source video editor for Gnome, based upon GStreamer and written in Vala. You can import and arrange your video clips using Lombard. If you would like to add extra audio tracks for music or voice overs, open up your Lombard project in Fillmore.Easily import your photos

Both applications are still quite young but designed to be simple, stable and straightforward to use - much like Shotwell.

Whilst neither of these applications are feature-comparable to, say, OpenShot, PiTiVi or Jokosher they are a commendable first foot forward. Both have been in development for a little while now and are backed by a company that has built up a solid reputation with the excellent Shotwell.

I’ll certainly be continuing to keep my eyes on these…


There are currently no distro-specific binaries available to installed from, but concise instructions on installing from source are given on the respective project pages below. I would fully expect both of these applications to arrive in the Yorba PPA at some point in the not-to-distant future.

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YouTube - ' The Social Network ' - Official Movie Teaser Trailer (2010/I) HD

YouTube - ' The Social Network ' - Official Movie Teaser Trailer (2010/I) HD: ""

Universal Installer puts Linux live CDs on USB flash drives -- with persistent storage

Universal Installer puts Linux live CDs on USB flash drives -- with persistent storage: "

Filed under: ,

I play around with a lot of Linux distributions and while I typically just virtualize them using an app like VirtualBox or VMware, sometimes it's nice to be able to test them on bare metal. A nice, pain-free way to do that is with Pendrive Linux's Universal USB Installer.

The tool's actually been around for a while, but you may not have heard of it -- it's not talked about as much as other options like UNetbootin or Fedora's LiveUSB Creator. Like Fedora's app, Universal Installer can create persistent storage on your flash drive. That means you'll actually have some permanent space to save things like files and preferences -- instead of just having a flash drive clone of your disc image.

A huge number of distributions are supported, including both the 32 and 64-bit versions of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu and sysadmin/technician favorites like Backtrack, GParted, DBAN, Clonezilla, OphCrack, and System Rescue CD.

The Pendrive Linux Universal USB Installer is well worth a download if you've thrown away as many scratched copies of those discs as I have over the years.

[via Lifehacker]

Universal Installer puts Linux live CDs on USB flash drives -- with persistent storage originally appeared on Download Squad on Mon, 28 Jun 2010 09:45:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Pendrive Linux Universal USB Installer - Operating system - Linux - Linux distribution - USB flash drive"

Ubuntu Running Smoothly on HTC HD2

Ubuntu Running Smoothly on HTC HD2: "

There have been a lot of successful 'ports' of Android on Windows Mobile devices, like the Touch Pro2. These projects involve getting a linux bootloader to run (haret.exe) so that Android, or any other Linux-based OS, can boot. Over at XDA, they've been working feverishly to get Android working on the HTC HD2, and have made a lot of progress. Case and point, the developers behind the HTC Linux Twitter account have just posted an image of an HD2 running Ubuntu, which, like Android, is a Linux-based operating system. They even managed to connect a mouse and keyboard, seen below. This is a good sign!